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Paw Pourri Bracelets

Ive decided to partner with a local charity, Paw Pourri Animal Rescue,  to help fundraise for them.

I have always been a lover of animals and have grown up with the privilege of being around cats and dogs.  I feel strongly about being a responsible caretaker of animals and so want to help Paw Pourri in its efforts to rescue those animals who are left behind.

I chose to make these wish bracelets in hope that they would be attractive to everyone and an easy, small gift to purchase for one or ten people you know without having to spend a fortune and also knowing you made an important donation to a wonderful charity.

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Two euro from EVERY sale will go straight to Paw Pourri to aid in spay/neutering costs as well as other vet costs they incur, to help feed their rescues and to help keep them all sheltered and safe.