the story so far….


Terramor came about from an idea I had to create a few earrings to sell at a local Silver Jewellery shop I’d worked in.  Surrounded by beautiful pieces, some of them seemed achievable, even by me. Someone who’s only venture into arts & crafts was learning how to knit and crochet.  After watching a few tutorials and hours of a certain tv channel dedicated to jewellery making, I took the plunge. After a lot of research I ordered recycled sterling silver wire and  some ethically sourced beads.  Not the ideal materials for a beginner but those who know me, know that I’m not a toe-tester, I jump straight in.  I made a few pairs and found myself enjoying every moment of creation.  Colour combinations, shaping my own ear hooks from wire, twisting the wire into loops and seeing the finished product in front of me.  What a rush…I made that!  I couldn’t stop.

 I realized then, I needed a name for this new venture.

Terramor is a word I created from my commitment to create jewellery which is as eco-friendly and ethically sourced as possible.  I sat down and brainstormed words that surrounded this idea and i came up with earth love, love the earth, etcetera.  Then I remembered something I’d read about using different languages, romantic languages when creating a business name. I used an online translator and entered earth then love and chose the Italian versions of both, terra and amore.

I am on a journey with this craft. I enjoy learning new techniques and there is so much out there. My beading and wirework skills are still being developed and  Ive ventured into necklaces and bracelets,  I’m learning to macramé (the art of knotting) and am one of the few jewellery makers in Ireland to use 100% eco-friendly bamboo cord in place of hemp or waxed cotton cord.

My pieces are all one of a kind because of their handcrafted nature. There may be slight imperfections in a few beads which  I feel gives them character and a uniqueness not found in most jewellery.

I also take my time creating earrings so that each pair are mirror opposites in order to help frame the face.  Just another detail I take care of when making each piece.


I do make one of a kind pieces but I am definitely open to remaking any piece again with any adjustments for you. I am also available for commission pieces and custom work, but please note I cannot always find exact colours because I use so many up-cycled, sustainable materials.  I am at the mercy of my suppliers.  I’m sure we can figure something out if we put our heads together.


 I want to create pieces inspired by nature that don’t take from her either.  Materials that are ethically sourced. I want to make jewellery with a heart. Jewellery that loves the Earth.

All Sterling Silver comes from a recycled source.

All Beads and gemstones have either been sourced ethically or have been up-cycled from an aged or broken piece of jewellery.

All Silver plated wire is either 99.9% pure silver or sterling silver 925, that has been electrostatic-ally applied to pure copper wire and is finished with an anti-tarnish coating.

All metals/metal alloys used meet EU regulations and are nickel-free.

Sourcing this material takes time. Not all suppliers are transparent with how their beads/metals are made. I forge close relationships with these suppliers in hopes that together we can grow and be successful.

 I can only hope you enjoy the pieces I’ve made as much as I have loved creating them.

Thank you,