My tree addiction.

The tree of life is definitely a hugely popular design. I think almost every jewellery maker has made one. To be honest, i think theyre lovely but was turned off by the saturation in the marketplace. Until, a few days ago when i thought id just give one a go. I love working with gemstone chips/nuggets in my crochet necklaces so ive a few on hand to give the tree a go. So i did. I opted for a square shaped border and Peridot chips….


And i have now found myself addicted to creating these fantastic mini trees! I get it!

So i made two more beaded trees…..

img_20160509_162723.jpgOn the left is silver with labradorite, middle is mixed gemstones on copper and the original labradorite on gold.

I then thought about trees without a frame and went right to work on this beautiful pendant…..


Using different coloured cat’s eyes beads on silver wire and strung on faux leather cord.

My mind didnt stop there….neither did my hands and i went on to make this heart shaped pendant….


RINGS! Surely not many people have made a ring version. Here is mine in silver :)


And ive finally stalled, for now, at creating earrings. Im creating 15 choices of colour combinations but for now you can see the design in pink tree with silver frame measuring approximately 1×1.5 inches.


Im delighted with all of my trees and will be offering a few in my Etsy shop soon.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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Happy Thursday!

Alia xx


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