Early birds and listmakers.

Well how do you do, November.
How is it the 22 already??? And my birthday less than a week away! You didn’t know? You still have time to post a gift, no fretting ;)
Nah, i just require your constant adoration, no presents needed.
How do you celebrate your special day? We will probably order in a Chinese dinner and have cake, yum.

Anyhoo…this far in, surely the big C has crept into your life in some capacity.

For the handmakers/crafters, it started months ago with planning and designing our holiday pieces…ordering in stock. Ive been in the spirit since June/july. Ive finally listed my holiday pieces..from seasonal earrings to personalised wire ornaments. I only hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


My holiday pieces can be found in my wee etsy shop, terramor.etsy.com, under the Christmas&more section. I’m also having a sale this month for GreenThursday.ie on November 26 which is Ireland’s answer to Black Friday.



The sales items can be found under the Sale category.
There are 200 gorgeous pieces to view so grab a cup and start shopping!
Any questions, just ask :)

-Alia xo

P.s. 10% off coupon for my etsy shop is TERRA10
Use it at checkout, please and thank you!


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