holy jewellery, Batman!

Happy Monday, jewellerylovers!

Before i begin, can i ask if me referring to you, readers of this blog, as jewellerylovers is offensive to you? If so, please let me know and ill stop..i just thought it was nicer and more intimate than hey there, hi, hello :)

Anyhoo! Since my last post I have been rephotographing pieces and listing them in my amazing Etsy shop, terramor.etsy.com , please take a look at your leisure. I’ve also listed some earring stock into an album on my Facebook page, terramor on facebook, which Im selling at a steal for €5/pr plus postage.

I have also been making up a storm..right now im working on an antique bronze chaos cuff to add to the collection, a iridescent white sari thread crochet scale necklace and a request for some superhero wire pieces…i love a challenge!


Whats keeping you out of trouble today?

Oh, please let me know what you think about the etsy shop…id like some feedback :)

Thanks for reading!

Alia xo


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