onwards and upwards is how the story goes…

I’m out. I’ve left the Chapel Lane Market. It’s been an emotional week and I won’t bore you with the story of it.

Some people get along, some dont, some markets work for you and others dont.

I will say it is a great little market with some great stall holders so if youre in Ennis give it a go.

I enjoyed my time and all of the hours I gave to help in getting it off the ground and running…being responsible for the social media was a gift I am grateful to have had. It made me realize I have skillz I never knew about and that I really enjoy marketing and interacting in that space. so why wasnt I doing  it for myself you ask? well isnt that the big question…now i am :)

and im already reaping the rewards! this past Monday was my most successful day in my Etsy shop in terms of visits, views and sales and all I did was post the link a few times on twitter, Facebook and pinterest. oh and I had a good friend share a photo of her wearing some of my jewellery..that really helped!

Lessons can be learned everywhere and its up to us to see them and grab them. im not letting go of this one. it was a tough one but a much needed one.

not much of a jewellery post but sometimes i need to let life out :)

here is some pretty jewellery to make it better…Ive added some new pieces to the Etsy shop so take a look!!

~Alia xo


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