As seen on homeshopping t.v….

Woot woot!!

Yes..its been a long time since we last met but im here :) the new market has been keeping me busy and even that blog has been neglected…until recently.

Anywho! here i am. With video, as I made the jewellery maker wall of fame, AGAIN.  I know they say they choose at random but ive made it so many tines i feel as though  have a fan there. Which is always a great feeling.

Here is my necklace  on live UK tv!

The market is doing well. We see new faces each week and some regular visitors. Tourists are around as well  and everyone seems to love it.

Heres a photo of my stall at the last market..


I am still workng on it my packaging. So many ideas just not sure which way to go.

I think it’s time for PINTEREST…addicted without apologies :)

Well, thatll be it for now.

Ill do my best to not be a stranger here..enjoy your week and if youre local, come by the market and say hi!

Alia xxo



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