i cannot explain how much i love to sort beads. its akin to meditation. it takes me to a happy place. and wow, was i happy this past week.

i received two orders of storage containers from, woowoo!! one of the orders even included one of their coveted gem scoops…if youre not familiar with Jewellerymaker (JM), ARE YOU LIVING UNDER A ROCK?? or maybe you dont make jewellery :) ok i forgive you. its just one of the best suppliers of genuine gemstones and other wonderful crafty things online and on tv..yes a shopping channel. home shopping is one of my favourite things in life….so anyway they do these bags of loose, mixed gemstones for a hugely discounted price. they can be tough to get as they dont offer them very often and when they do, they go fast. but this was in a bundle of one large storage container and two small ones. i snapped it up fast and checked out! i couldnt wait for it to arrive…then two days later another great container deal! damn you JM! ordered.

they arrive.

PicsArt_1428777967592I sort through the scoop and put them in their new homes. loved these containers! perfect sizes. the larger one underneath the two small ones has two large square spaces and then 12 smaller squares to the right. the lid is practically flush with the dividers so nothing should slip through although i didnt test it with seed beads but id say anything above 3mm isnt getting through to another compartment…same with the smaller ones. all have fantastic locking devices so theres no risk of them popping open in transit. LOVE!

second order arrives.

im gutted. the lid is broken on one of the containers. now it doesnt affect the small pots inside but its damaged and that sucks. so i message JM on facebook as im a cheapskate and refuse to pay long distance. i also didnt want to pay for shipping to send it all back as it was a bundle and not individual items so i just asked if there might be an extra lid floating around. their customer service is second to none and they assured me they would ship out another full tray immediately. I received it within 3 days.


they also include little book of gems with every second order you make..a different letter every time!

these containers are different to the others. they are small pots with twisted lids inside rectangular trays with a loose lid. for in home storage, the trays are great for holding the pots but for travelling i would leave the trays at home and just take the pots alone. they have secure screw tops so shouldnt come undone in travel. there are two sizes of pots. one is about 5 cm across and a few cms deep, great for beads. the smaller ones are about 2cm by 2cm…ideal for crimps, tiny spacers, etc.


thanks, JM, for great storage containers at a great price and providing me with hours of sorting fun!

thats it for now…ill be star business on twitter Monday, April 13th from 8pm – 9pm on #Irishcrafthour @terramortweets so please come on and participate..ill be giving a prize away to the most active tweeter that night…a wire heart bangle and an adjustable ring.


thanks for reading xx



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