Rock, paper…necklace.

What do you do when you cant sleep?
Me? I search the internet, OK, Etsy & Pinterest , for beads. Beads that fit my mission as a jewellery maker. Ethical, eco friendly…helping to make the world better in some way.

One of those searches lead me to an Etsy shop full of items made from recycled cereal boxes, envelopes and magazines. Hand folded, hand rolled, hand cut…these were extra special. You could feel it, see it. Then i saw them. The paper beads. Who falls in love with a paper bead? me, i did, that’s who. I discovered that the maker, Marielle, creates all of these pieces herself and donates the profits to animal rescues in Co. Cork. So, i bought all of her beads that second! Even if i couldn’t figure out what to make with them, i felt i had to support her.

Now, i not only buy paper beads from her, i have purchased her recycled cereal box tags to price my jewellery during events and I’m awaiting an order of mini envelopes she creates from recycled security envelopes. I plan to use them for my thank you notes i include in every posted parcel.

My favourite thing to make with these paper beads is a long rope rosary link style necklace mixed with high quality Czech glass beads or gemstones…




For the necklaces in the photos, i used a mix of gemstones  from strands at Addiebeads and
a gemstone scoop I received from JewelleryMaker.

To purchase the necklaces please visit my Etsy shop or Facebook page.

Alia xxo

P.s. I’m selling some supplies in an album in Facebook…check it out. Great deals!!


2 thoughts on “Rock, paper…necklace.

    1. awesome possum! i do enjoy her wee shop :) she sells little gemstone charms, too. and she is lovely to deal with as an Etsy seller.
      thank you for reading and commenting as always, Cliona xo

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