Inspiring Suppliers… part 1.

whether its winter solstice, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah or Christmas you choose to celebrate, it is the time of year for togetherness and family. I hope you are able to celebrate with those you hold dear to you and if youre like me, distant from them, know theyre thinking of and missing you as much as you are of them :) plus skype is free! ill be skyping my mama on Christmas. yay!

I made gifts for my family this year, which isnt something i do normally because of postage costs. this year, though, ive expanded my wire work skills with the help of Jewellery Maker (JM) so i was able to create personalized ornaments for everyone back home and some wine glass charms.  I even expanded my jewellery selling page to include these ‘jewellery for the home’ pieces.


its fun to create outside your comfort zone, it can trigger creativity you didnt know you had. it helps that im able to purchase 100m reels of high quality wire in almost any colour from JM, like the antique bronze 1mm wire I used for the above ornaments.  buying in bulk like this means i can play and not have to worry about running out mid design.

I also enjoy shopping with JM because they have Designers on their channel that show you how to use materials you wouldnt have a clue about, like scales. I dont think  id ever have purchased the aluminium scales if i hadnt seen Debbie Bulford demonstrate them on air one afternoon.

I took a chance and purchased a pack and now i love them! i love their versatility. layer them in a scale maille design, hammer them flat and texture them for other designs or use my letter stamps and personalize a necklace or keychain or even a lovely pair of earrings….



so if youre an avid crafter or just someone thinking about making their own gifts,  have a look around  where youll find inspiration and a few bargains  :)


Alia xo


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