strand by me.

before i get into anything…

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lets talk gemstones.

nature’s bling. since discovering the Jewellery Maker shopping channel a couple of years ago, I have learned so much about gemstones and fallen in love with a few of them.  I used to think gemstones referred to those expensive shiny stones you see in jewellery store windows. sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds….the fab four..unattainable for most of us. but there is so much more.

  1. Labradorite. a member of the Feldspars and has an internal iridescence known as ‘Labradorescence’ . it is a schiller you will remember forever once youve seen it. it will draw you in and take hold of you like no other stone. i have a few earrings with labradorite listed on Facebook so have a peak. this is my absolute favourite strand <—click….i love a chunky nugget and these put me in a trance every time i look at them.
  2. Topaz. my beautiful birthstone.  i used to hate it. i thought it was only a garbage beer colour and then i discovered it came in blues and golden ambers and even crystal clear varieties! wooohooo! give me topaz over and over again. i wish i could go back to my 8 year old self and tell her how pretty her birthstone really is…i know i know, bigger problems. if youre not yet a fan of this gorgeous stone, do yourself a favour and take a look at this strand and tell me you couldnt love a stone that sparkles like that.
  3. Diamond. now i know diamonds are absolutely everywhere and controversial. and to be honest, probably my least favourite gemstone but JM does them a bit differently. maybe youve never seen them like this…in their raw state. and, in my opinion, at their prettiest. take a look, here.
  4. Quartz. ok, there are so many varieties of quartz im not even going to try…(rose, smokey, black rutile, golden rutile just to name a few!) but one i have fallen for is the solar quartz. it can be dyed different colours but it is still a hugely charming gemstone. it is magic in the sunshine!
  5. Chrome Diopside. now, emeralds are my all time favourite gemstone but the first time i ever saw chrome diopside i thought it was a new kind of emerald and i had to have it!! the greens of chrome diopside are intoxicating. i truly cant get enough of it. this strand is such a deep lush green i want to get lost in it forever.


thanks for taking the time to read another post :)

All the best,

Alia xo

p.s.  November 14. thank you JM for choosing my post as your winner :)



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