i’ll tumble for you….

***Update 29/06/2016

For anyone stumbling upon this post after Googling where to find sea glass in Ireland (North &South). The beaches I visited were:

Dingle peninsula – Ventry. It’s just west of Dingle along Does Head Drive.

Co. Antrim – Cushendun beach which is                             NNE of Ballymena.

Co. Down – Crawfordsburn Country park which is East of Belfast along the road to Bangor.

Thank you for stopping by and please contact me if you have any questions. Please have a look at the Seaglass creations in my Etsy shop. 


its been a few weeks since Ive been here…my mum came to visit amongst other things.

im sure youre well versed on how life is….we make plans, yadda yadda.

im not big on beach vacations. im not the type who likes to lay in the sun all day for a week. neither am I one of those adventure junkies. i enjoy a vacation from my everyday life but i still want to see something, do something.  as i mentioned, my mum came for a visit. She lives back in Canada,  in the house she grew up in and i half grew up in (we moved in with my gram when i was 12 and my parents divorced). She had previously spent 10 years living in middle east so shes not too keen on beach vacations either. yet we both LOVE beaches and the ocean. love them.

we decided we’d head north this visit as she’s seen most of the republic and she has a good friend living just outside of Belfast. my only request was we spend sometime on a beach…weird request i know but the only beach activity i enjoy is combing the shore for pretty things, and of course inhaling all of that amazing sea air. there is something special about sea air isnt there?  In my youth i would collect sea shells for my room and smooth rocks for skipping but now i love finding pieces of glass and pottery that have been tumbled over the sand by the waves for years.  they become so smooth and soft, youd never believe they were anything but natures treasure. how could that sparkling gem have once been a bottle of beer? manmade, yes, but nature perfected it.

so i had my chance, twice, while we were away.  this is what i (with the help of my mum and her friend) found:


i am not exaggerating when i say we found approximately 2-3 kilos worth of sea glass and sea pottery on two separate beaches. we spent about 2.5 hours total so id say we did extremely well. Half of the find was definitely jewellery standard, if not more. Ive only done one fairly quick sort so I could start my wrapping adventure!  i dont have a handy gizmo for drilling so for now i wrap each piece with wire. I feel I have more freedom this way as im not having to decide which way will be up forever with each piece.

I have to be clear, i have not gathered glass and tumbled it myself. the only thing i do to these pieces after finding them is give them a good scrub and dry them off. I did select a few pieces to rub with some baby oil as an experiment..but that is the end of any ‘treatment’. i like my sea treasures au natural. i dont feel a need to tumble them to perfection or buff a shine into them. they are beautiful by themselves.  i feel this way about real gemstones too and always prefer unpolished chips and nuggets to other cuts.

i feel i have to reiterate that because im seeing so many perfect pieces of ‘sea glass’ out there, only to clickon the descriptions and see that it is just glass that has been put into a tumbling machine and is not genuine sea glass. but i guess we need options :) some people prefer perfection.  not me :)

so this is what the haul (including a handful of pieces my mum and i found in Dingle) looks like after being cleaned and sorted into piles for jewellery use..

sea glass
sea pottery

I have wrapped a few pieces already which I will be listing on Etsy by the weekend. they are for sale now if you see something oyu like just message me…or if you have something in mind, i have so many pieces..we can find something you like :) i can make pendants, brooches, bracelets, earrings…anything you can come up with im happy to try!

let me know :) email me, comment below, contact me through facebook or twitter (i need to log on in more often) or use the contact page on this blog.

that’s all for now…thanks for coming by.

please share if youre feeling up to it and leave a note. a note is nice :)




4 thoughts on “i’ll tumble for you….

  1. What a collection! I totally agree with you re tumbling the pieces further. What would the point of that be? I never knew that some are polished even…! There isn’t so much of it here on the Dublin coast but should I ever find anything beautiful I will send it to you! Enjoy the wrapping! x

    1. I find its dependent on the type if beach and the currents. We found loads on the pebbly beach in County Down and the smallest haul was on the sandy beach in Dingle.
      Some people find polishing the glass makes it more appealing as it buffs away the chipped/frosted outer layer. Also they can shape the glass to be more matchy. To each their own.
      I like mine natural. As I said the furthest I’ll go with treating it is with a dab of oil on a very chipped piece. It does allow the glass to glowva bit more.
      Thanks for reading my posy, Mary xx

  2. I love the ocean too Alia – soothes the soul! I’ve never looked for sea glass or pottery when on a beach – but you’ve inspired me – so next time I hit the shores somewhere, I’ll keep my eyes peeled :-) Joanna

    1. Joanna :) delighted you stopped in for a read. Don’t blame me when it becomes an obsession every time you’re on a beach ;) it is fun but back breaking at times. Plus, I look at it as cleaning up the beach too. Sea glass is similar to gems in that there are rare types…brown, white and green are most common. Aqua and cobalt blues are less common. All other colours are very rare. Heart shaped any colour are always popular.
      Enjoy your combing! xx

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