i’ve got wood.


Since i designed my logo, the scroll heart inside the circle- it represents the mantra of my jewellery making, love the earth- Ive wanted a piece of jewellery with that logo. I attempted making it with wire but it just wasnt the same…and wouldnt be unless i enrolled in some soldering classes and purchased all the necessary equipment. that wasnt happening any time soon.
next best thing = custom order from another like-minded SME. it would need to be ethical/ecofriendly/sustainable. surprisingly hard to find, especially in this country so i had to broaden my scope geographically. more questions…do i source sheets of metal and get a custom punch made? do i go the fabric route?

then one day i was browsing charms on etsy suppliers for some key/bag charms i was making for a festival and i saw them. these beautiful wooden charms. Timber Green Woods are a family run business in Wisconsin, U.S.A. who harvest dead or dying trees from their family forest, dry them in their solar powered kilns and then use them to create anything from charms to cutting boards. Their commitment to the environment is inspiring and just made me want their product more.

I had to take a few breatrhs before clicking ‘contact seller’ as i was so excuted to have possibly found my ideal creator! i was so worried theyd have some sort of minimum cut to make the project efficient and economical which is completely understandable, but doesnt suit a small order like mine.  i was only wanting these because i loved the idea.  I finally just clicked it and asked. no harm in asking. Matt, the amazing man behind the computer at TGW, was just lovely. they had no problem creating my logo into a 1 inch charm for my own personal use. there would have to be slight adjustments but nothing radical. we had a few back and forth convos and before i knew it i received shipping notification! there were on their way to me. my wee charms. i felt like  a child counting down to christmas morning.

when they arrived, very quickly, i was so delighted. they were so much more than i had expected. i made earrings for photos immediately!  i even teared up a wee bit. silly, i know.

logo, charm, wooden, earrings, etsy, blog, life, heart, love, earth, ethical, sustainable, ecofriendly

they have been posted on etsy as earrings for now although i am happy to make anything you can dream up. a wonderful woman has already asked me to make a keychain for her with a few added beads. i didnt even think of that! so once i receive supplies i will be offering bag charms/keychains with these charms on them. (*update…theyve arrived so key/bag charms are available upon request! )


ive also been bitten by the design bug the last couple of weeks and created some statement pieces. both of them using gorgeous sari silk remnants,one using a vegan silk (banana fibre yarn) as well. both are listed in my etsy shop.

necklace, sari silk, crochet, coil, collage, copper, jewellery, jewelry, blue, green bananaflowercollage

What have you been up to?

remember, sharing is caring xoxo

Alia xo



2 thoughts on “i’ve got wood.

  1. Great post Alia, I love that you also care for the environment and the earrings are gorgeous – it’s always fantastic to find another business that puts care for the earth into their products and process. The necklaces are also so beautiful, your talents are endless!

    1. Cliona, thank you for your kind words and for reading my blog :)
      our like mindedness regarding the environment is what first drew me to your gorgeous candles xoxo

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