going back to the start.

ive come to the realization that i am not and will probably never be someone who prepares posts for my blog. its just not me and i get it if you dont want to read something thats babbly and jumps all over the place. I swear i have no issues with hyperactivity in the flesh. but the brain processes something like a thought per second (70,000 thoughts per day on average) and i type as im thinking so id say im relatively calm in print :)

anywho, ive been doing a lot of thinking about how far ive come since i first began this jewellery journey.

coco beads, upcycled glass beads, silver, earrings
the first piece of jewellery I ever sold….coconut bead and upcycled glass bead earrings.

i think my work has come a long way since this…at least i hope i have.

first you get this crazy idea from watching a home shopping channel late one night that ‘hey! if that lady can do it, i can surely make pretty sparkly things that everyone will love and have to have!.’ so, then you do a bit of research and realize theres a bit more to it…talk of finding a niche in the market and a target demographic..picture the person you think will wear your jewellery then find them and market it to them. ya! that sounds awesome! i can totally do this.  do a bit more research on supplies and start thinking about how to source earth and human friendly beads and metals. do people even care enough to want to buy this kind of jewellery? yes..of course they do.  well, i do and im making it.

if im going to try and sell jewellery im going to need a name for it. more reading to do….brainstorm words you associate with your style of jewellery, think of using the name of a loved one, try not to use the word ‘jewellery’ or anything referring to the fact that it is jewellery with running an online/postal business as these names on packages could encourage theft of those packages….what about using one of the romantic languages in the name. ya that sounds good…french? no. latin? what if i cant pronounce it. italian? ooooh, that could work. something that says respecting the environment, loving the earth….amor di terra….terra amor……terramor! perfect .

finally decide on what to buy and take the plunge! no courses..just me some tools and beads. thats how i roll :) im a dive right in kinda gal. its been so much fun!

then came the logo…thank you picmonkey. everything else is still being worked on and changing constantly..packaging is tough  as i want it minimal but most people expect something special when they order jewellery. its a tough balance but i know ill figure it out.

thats my journey so far…im always excited for what tomorrow will bring.

i hope you feel that way about what youre doing too.

Alia xo




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