mishmash of updates

my wee garden is growing like wildfire! the clematis and pansies are taking over and the ivy is finally climbing!! on to the jewellery stuff :)

phew..its been a while..and i keep saying im going to buckle down and stop neglecting this blog…does it happen? but of course not, dearest. oh, aint life grand ;) i am back though..i havent forgotten. promise.

so my last post was all about those wonderful wish bracelets I make to help raise money for a local charity close to my heart, Paw Pourri Animal Rescue.  They have been doing well and selling here and there. Most customers are buying multiples of 5 which is always great.  I just think theyre adorable and the perfect gift for anyone in your life.  I am selling them through Etsy so please take a look, Wish Bracelets on Etsy.

Since my last post I have also had my first real arts&craft market event stall at our town’s Street Festival which is held during the first weekend of July .  IT WAS AMAZING!!! It was three days of events but the market was only on for the Saturday and Sunday ..it worked out well. the weather co-operated for the most part, other than Saturday morning, but thats how it goes :)

Sunday was almost a perfect.  both days i had a great friend helping me hold the fort down-literally at some points. her ability to merchandise in a eye catching way was extremely helpful. I thought I was going to sell mostly earrings and maybe a few necklaces but everyone surprised me and bought mostly bracelets! i sold about 15 items and 11 of those were bracelets.

this has spurred me on to start making more bracelets! i love making a good beaded bracelet as theyre easy wearing for everyone but my heart is really in wire work so i took to Pinterest (add me)and discovered some great styles.  so far ive had great feed back from my lovely facebook fans, and even a few orders of the new styles. here they are…a wire heart bangle and (my favourite at the moment) the Egyptian coil bracelet…both handmade by yours truly!


Ive also started the Great Jewellery Photograph Retake Project as I just wasnt happy with how my other photos were.  Im just using a boring but logical white background and daylight so its going to take some time as I dont get to control the sunshine :) so far so good but im having to edit most of the photos which is ok because of the super easy website, PicMonkey!!  If youve never used it, go now.  It is fantastic.   Ive rephotographed a good chunk of my stock, I still have all of my earrings, jewellery sets and rings to go but they shouldnt take too long as its mostly earrings.

So as I go with the retakes I am listing everything into my Etsy shop, www.terramor.etsy.com.

Take a minute and check it out :) Please and thank you.

thats it for now.  oh! ive also toyed a bit with the header on this site..do you like?

i always encourage feedback….positive criticism is a great thing to learn from.

chat soon.

Alia xo









2 thoughts on “mishmash of updates

    1. thanks Cliona :) have you not tried it before? picmonkey.com is a treasure. there are loads of free functions and you can also choose to pay for their Royale features but i havent done that…i may in the future though.
      but im happy enough with their free features for now :)

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