Rice College Fashion Show and ME!!

rice college fashion show 1


How are you?? Looks like spring hath finally sprung and might have some staying power…my hyacinth leaves are a most welcoming sight…cant wait for the blooms! i have a teeny tiny garden with lots in it and no room for the other early flowers like crocus or daffodil so its a bit of a wait for flowers in my garden. the roses have awoken and the periwinkle ground cover has lovely blossoms on it already. gonna get my hands in there next week.

anywho! on to the real topic of discussion…MY FIRST EVER STALL/TABLE/EXHIBIT/SELLING MY STUFF TO REAL LIFE PEOPLE FACE-TO-FACE THINGY!!!!! wow. my tummy has a lot of butterflies and im so excited i wish it was right now.

its been such a last minute thing in terms of time to prepare. it happens this Friday, March 14th at 7pm at the West County Hotel…i only found out about it last week and was able to get in touch with someone on Sunday to get a confirmation i could have a table. a friend and i have decided this is our year for market fairs/festivals/stall events to sell our amazing makes, so this will be our first event and as much as we hope its successful, we are prepared for it to be a learning experience. our next appearance will be at the Clare Garden Festival at the end of April.

the Rice College Fashion Show sounds like it will be one heck of a night so if youre in the Ennis area and into fashion in anyway or just want a nice social night and do a bit of good for the community too (this is a fundraising event for the college so there is a minimal €20 entry charge).

i couldnt have found a better fit for selling my handcrafted-one of a kind jewellery, really. its just perfect. and my friends makes fit so well, too, as she makes gorgeous wire jewellery trees and other arty wire sculptures.

i hope you can make it in to the show…ive got loads of jewellery i will be showing (and selling) that i havent shown anywhere else. and id love to have some words of encouragement and possibly even some positive critiques on my set up ;)

i know its a holiday weekend, so enjoy yourselves and be safe where ever you are!

Alia xoxo


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