let the sunshine in and face it with a grin.

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i never remember birthstones so i thought id pop this here :)

January is here! and well under way. Im so late with this post. oh well :) im sure youve been busy doing other things, too.

how are you? how is January treating you?

so far so good for me…one of my close friends was given the all clear on her cancer front so thats made our year already :) WOOWOO!!

there are so many bead and wire sales on I cant keep up and I haven’t been busy selling enough to buy more its been really tough! My favourite shopping channel now ships to Ireland  and this is the best news of the year so far, jewellery related, yet they don’t accept PayPal yet so my husband sees all purchases made and gives me eyes :) he has a Sony PlayStation addiction so he doesn’t say much on what i spend but i know hes thinking it and that’s enough sometimes ;)

anyway..i did buy some wire as the deal was too good to pass on. Ive also got some orders i made back in December making their way over here, again. my first experience with lost parcels..two of them. seems like more of an on purpose than an accident but the supplier, Sanctuary Beads, was very understanding and quick to resend what they had in stock and refund me the items they no longer had. heres hoping they arrive this week!!

im not one for resolutions but i have decided this is my year.  my  year to become a better me, inside and out. with regards to my jewellery making, im very much focused on wire work this year…for this quarter it will be rings.

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those are a few samples of the first batch…not bad i think for a novice :) wire rings are much more comfortable than i thought theyd  be. the wire is so strong  that it holds up well to pulling on and off fingers and over bulky knuckles. im falling in love with rings again!

when i was much younger i used to wear a ring on almost every finger. i was obsessed with silver rings…stones, no stones, twisted bands, simple bands…any ring that caught my eye i had to have. then i just went off them.

now im older and fatter and i find it very hard to find nice rings that will even fit my fingers. but now that i can make them to fit, there is no limit!!! well except fingers…i guess there is a limit :)


what are you working on? share some photos!

and if youre not working on something…what is it youd like to see? im always open to ideas and inspiration from anyone and anywhere!

Enjoy the rest of the month…February is just around the corner! Hope to see you then.

Alia xo


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