deep in december…


here we are…December 16th.

in the thick of another holiday season. do you allow the stresses of this season drag you down? or do you take a deep breath each morning (or the days you remember) and be thankful for having woken to another beautiful day?

i like to think im a happy medium.  the only stress ive experienced this year is with regard to my jewellery and marketing but i think anyone in business falls for that stress. when the reality is…the sales will come when they come. we can only do so much and to just let it be…we are doing something we love and in that we are very fortunate.

my gifting stress is alleviated because i believe Christmas to be for children so i only buy actual presents for the kids in the family.  Yes, my husband and i have agreed to do little gifts for eachother and a stocking but this is definitely because he is one big kid and when i tried my hardest to limit our gifting to eachother he put a big out on and i couldnt resist.  im not as big a bahhumbug as i sound. i really do enjoy this time of year. im not big on the decorating but i do it..we have cats so a decorated tree isnt realistic..we have a fibre optic we use for one night usually. i do deck my halls with garlands and lights though.  my favourite part of the holidays is the gathering.  oh and the stuffing. oh boy do i love stuffing. not that weird savoury stuffing people do with sausage. no i mean my gram’s awesome raisin and apple stuffing. oh yes please.

i also enjoy baking for the  holidays. every year i bake gifts for local family, friends and my husband.  he has his favourites that cant be missed but for gifting i usually do about 100 truffles and divide them up. theyre fun and easy to make and always go down a treat..everyone loves a truffle!

what a ramble!!

well, ill leave you for the holidays now and meet you back here in the new year unless something amazing happens before then…definitely check out the gallery for any last minute gifts, 10% of all my regular sales will be donated to a local animal rescue, Paw Pourri :)

dont forget the Paw Pourri bracelets.  €5 each and €2 goes to the rescue!

blue cord with heart
blue cord with heart

Happy Holidays :)

much love,

Alia xoxo


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