in marriage and in business, ive heard many people say the first years are the toughest.

so far, i can confirm both. but i feel theyre also when youre able, if you choose, to learn a lot.


firstly, i just want to say i cant even believe im writing a post in a blog about making jewellery for a year. this is me? wow.  I was the kid who loved maths and sciences in school. I used to try to skip art and english classes.  creativity invoked a fear in me equal to a phobia. honestly. the thought of being imaginative or creative? yuck. give me a formula, something concrete and tangible anyday, my friend. of course i know there is an element of creativity in science and maths…but im comfortable with that level because it’s surrounded by the security of knowing that number with that number makes that one…or that chemical will always react with this one under those conditions in this way.

i know im reducing complex topics into silliness but i hope you understand what i mean.

so to be here, in front of a laptop in the early hours of a beautiful autumn day in this country i now call home – dont even get me started on that dream coming true- is something i never imagined for myself in this lifetime.  im so thankful for it. thankful for the journey ive experienced so far. thankful for the friends ive made online in the crafting world…youve proven to me that Irish women arent all cliquey and not open to new relationships with us foreigners. thankful for every single person who has enjoyed what i do enough to spend their hard earned cash on it. you have, literally, rocked my world to its core this year.

thank you.

i love all of you dearly and i look forward to continuing on this journey with you.

i cant promise it will be anymore than what it is but i have a feeling its going to be a good one.


Alia xo

p.s. i know you love my birthday sign..yes i made it myself :)


2 thoughts on “one.

  1. Hey Alia ! Happy birthday! I can relate so much to what you are saying. But for me I was always hankering after the creative path but never quite found it. I still falter along the path daily. But I am finally happy doing what I do and I feel you are too. I hope we both have another happy and fulfilling year. As you say its this new cyber community that we have created or found ourselves in that is the biggest surprise of all.

    Continued success in both marriage and business !!!!!

    Mary xxx

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