make the thought count.

because i sell my own jewellery i am a part of the big bad world of retail. the world where thinking and planning christmas begins december 26th of the previous year. which can be good for my own christmas celebrations as it forces me to plan ahead and actually get things done.

my husband and i dont do a big christmas. its just the two of us every year. which i love. him and i with our two kittycats. we made a deal to not do big gifts and we have a very limited budget on gifts for eachother. we only spend on children in the family really. even then, there are only two left on his side and sending gifts back to Canada can get expensive.  thats why we try and make thoughts count more than gifts where friends and adult family are concerned.  my usual thing is baking with a friend (which is our gift to eachother) and boxing them up as gifts. we did gingerbread houses one year… they always go over well. last year though it was just been me so i stuck to homemade truffles…so freaking good and so easy!

melt 500g of your favourite semisweet chocolate with a can of condensed milk over a low heat (once melted, remove from heat and add in a flavour if you want..vanilla peppermint or rum extract) let cool then roll into small balls and coat with anything you want from crushed toasted almonds  to cocoapowder.

this year im hoping to try these tiny treasures:


ive digressed and i cant quite remember what my original path was but it was something about preparation…this year in my personal holiday prep ive also started my crochet gifts! a cowl, a scarf, a couple of hats and if i can find the right yarn, some fingerless gloves. i can saythem outloud because no one knows who is receiving what :)

i havent timed them as perfectly as my dinner but im hoping to get atleast 3 out of 5 done in time…if not, it really will be the thought thats counted.

whats your holiday plan like? does it exist?

Alia xoxo


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