paws and beads.

ive really been thinking about becoming more of a fundraising medium for local animal rescues lately rather than keep the money for me..i mean, of course i hope to make this my job one day and be successful enough to create a supplemental income to my partner’s, but why cant i also help the animals i love so very much as well? i can!

the charities i hope to help:


so it begins…ive never done this before and i want it to be successful. i know success takes time and effort and is more about your hardwork than luck. i just struggle with being such an immediate gratification kind of working on it :)  its often made me jump ship. i rarely take chances because im so, rather ive BEEN so, afraid of failure.

i was proud of myself for even putting my first pair of earrings on facebook or in etsy. it was a scary moment.  im sure im not alone in that. and what a feeling, everytime someone says they like a piece ive created! i swear if i knew this feeling when i was younger id have never smoked those joints…well maybe just one.

anyway, i feel the same way about partnering up with these charities..i dont want to let them down but i know the elation im going to feel when someone makes a purchase will be well worth it. i know i know, theyre just happy to receive any donation and help in any form. theres no expectation with them.  its just that fear holding me back.

but progress is necessary. i think ill get myself a plan. and thats where you can help :)

which path do i take?which would you take?:

– a specific line of charitable jewellery with all profit going to charity?


-a percentage of all sales going to charity?

thank you.

Alia xo

p.s. please have a look at this web site – Feral Cats Ireland.


2 thoughts on “paws and beads.

    1. thank you :) you are too!
      i was thinking not animal design but maybe finding someone who could stamp a little charm for me..and i could maybe add that to all the jewellery for charity to make them extra special. maybe a little pawprint on one side and my heart logo on the other?

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