beadybeads and other fun with beading thread…

Happy Saturday everyone!

Today im going to share two tutorials for those that already make jewellery and want to branch out a bit or even for beginners/other crafters who fancy a go at working with beads.

im happy to tell you that i have been productive, with jewellery making, this week :) woowoo! i even extended myself into the world of antique bronze findings so i now have antique bronze pieces..please check out the gallery if you have a chance (up above in the menu where you see Gallery, just click that or if you just click this – Gallery).

i also took some time to try a few different techniques and even had my two crafty worlds collide in a beautiful crocheted necklace!

First, id like to share the beady-bead technique with you. I first learned of this weaving technique from watching JewelleryMaker tv, which im happily addicted to! (PLEASE START DELIVERING TO IRELAND!!) ive learned a lot from them, really, their guest designers are amazing. i suggest taking a peak..if anything it will help with your knowledge of gemstones.

this is what the beady bead looks like:

beady bead, terramor, handmade jewellery
Terramor pistachio druk beady bead antique bronze earrings

the actual beady bead is the bulky bit in the centre, ive added a bead below and two above so that it would sit nicely on the head pin.

here is the tutorial for the beady bead!

i hope you find i helpful and id love to see your beady beads!

ok, the next tutorial id like to share is for the celtic herringbone pattern in macramé. if youve never macraméd before please check this post for the basics.

Terramor  celtic herringbone candy agate bracelet

here is the tutorial for the  celtic herringbone knotting, again from jewellery maker :)

and the lovely designer, Mark Smith. this is from one of their shows so they are selling product in between demos but you can just fast forward through the video :)

Celtic Herringbone Tutorial

Hope that was fun and educational! again, id love to see our creations!!

oh, here are the two pieces i made to try out some new skills, and to combine my two crafty loves!

crochetturquoisencklacehandmade, jewellery, agate, macrame, shambala, unique, women, jewelry, bright colours,

thanks for coming by and checking things out :)

have a great weekend!

Alia xo


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