talk about veering off course this week.

i was meant to make jewellery this week. and, i guess, technically i did make SOME jewellery. my into into macramé and following obsession led me to go on a hunt for better threading material than waxed cotton or hemp.

in my minimal time making macramé, i noticed how soft and friendly waxed cotton was to knot and thread beads but that it was not eco-friendly at all. Im sure there are some organic cotton threads out there for macramé but I couldnt find any. then there’s hemp, and of course its entirely eco-friendly  and grown all over the world so its easy to source but it frays very easily which makes it look worn after a bit of handling. this isnt great for making sleek looking bracelets that appeal to most people.

dont get me wrong, i love my hemp jewellery. as a teenager i was given a hemp necklace by my cousin and i swear to you i knotted that sucker on and didnt take it off for years! i only took it off because it broke. i really loved the necklace. i should make another one. but with a clasp :)

yep, im a grown up now.

anyway, i love hemp jewellery but theres a time and place and a certain niche for it. so i searched and searched and found a fantastic alternative for both and actually combines everything i love about both mediums into one…..BAMBOO!!

of course! Bamboo is wonderful. it grows fast and furious and makes a strong fibre which, like hemp, can be used for fabrics and furniture. its soft like cotton and retains its delicate look. Bamboo isnt new to the textile world but it seems as though its new to the threading world. yes, there are yarns and crochet threads in bamboo i could use but they arent prepared the same way as bamboo cord is with a wax-like coating to protect it, make it hold a knot tighter and make it easier to thread beads.

do you think i could find any irish sources? i searched and rang shops all over the country. and ordering from the uk was from one source who was charging a ridiculous postage, none of the sources in the states carried all colours so i would have to order from separate places at an even higher postage then one day i must have typed something different into the google search because the first shop that popped up was Cork Art Supplies.   My heart sank though as i clicked and noticed they only carried the white option on a sample card but i sent them an email anyway, in the hopes they might be able to order other colours.

My Bamboo cord hero, Rosary, replied a few days later letting me know she could order more in and would be happy to do so!

woowoo…so in two weeks i will have a nice selection of bamboo cords to macramé up a storm of fine jewellery for you lovely people!!!

so thats why i havent made any other jewellery this week. i got caught up in the world of macramé.

things are gonna change right about to break out the supplies and get creating.

in the meantime, check out my galleries and etsy shop for whats available now :) there are gorgeous pieces there..all one of a kind pieces. im also happy to make something up just for you! contact me anyway you can…email, facebook, here, there, everywhere :)

Alia xo


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