knotty me…


Macramé, the art of knotting.  I am obsessing over this at the moment!

i have a confession to make, i am addicted to home shopping channels.

i dont buy from them,not often anyway. I think in the last five years ive purchased a sewing kit, a steam cleaner and a laser hair removal machine. anyway, i happened upon a jewellery making show  at the beginning of this year, called Jewellery Maker and i pop it on during my morning javas or late at night when i cant sleep…and whenever im making jewellery. they have guest jewellery designers, each of them are talented in different areas of jewellery making. theres  one who deos resin, another for enamel, polymer clay, metal clays, wire workers, soutache, and of course a lovely man who is the resident Knotter (macramé artist).  they are all inspiring and super talented at what they do and make me want to try most things (ecofriendly things of course-which is why ive veered from polymer clay, enamels and resin but am thinking of trying the air/paper clay…any  advice? )

but the macramé really caught my eye because of how i could use almost anything that holds a knot , to do it. ecofriendly hemp is the obvious way to go to begin with and was my immediate choice as i have two lots of it in my stash (one brown and one orange) but i was asked to make a necklace for a young girl of 6 whose favourite colours are pink and purple so purple ended up being the very first one.

i just went for it! i used to help me figure out length of cord required for a project and how to create a slider clasp, button clasp, etc.

Jewellery Maker also have tutorials available during shows which can be found through you tube and i believe they have some tutorials on their website,

i was very impressed with how the necklace turned out although i still need to fiddle about with the clasp. i went with a button style but im just not happy with it. i may do a slider.

if youre looking to make quick pieces, macramé is super quick! i made a bracelet for myself  within an hour, with beads and a slider clasp! i still need to finish off the end bits with a bit of glue but i wore it all day and it didnt fall off :) the skulls are proving to be popular and my favourite bead supplier gifted me a couple to try out so i thought id try and be hip, like the youngsters. didnt work, but i still like the skull!


more macramé-ing today!

have a great one, jewellery lovers.

Alia xo


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