missing jewellery…

well its been a couple of weeks since Ive even thought about jewellery and even longer since i posted here.

today, i finished a commissioned crochet table runner for one of my top clients. she found a photo of a modern twist on the granny square done up in bright bold summer colours and fell in love so i did up a quick sample for her and she needed it! it was a great project to do as id never done such a piece before. id made a blanket for a friends baby a year ago with individual flowers connected….


but i didnt keep track of hours..plus each flower was much simpler to crochet than the granny squares and they were very easy to connect.

the table runner consists of 48 squares and its final dimensions are 16inches by 48 inches.

each square took me approx 30 to 45 minutes to make and took me 2.5 days to connect all squares and put a border around the entire piece. here is a very bad camera pic of it.. i was too tired to pull out my real camera this morning :)


so now im free to start making more jewellery! i need to make more to fill my table at the market :) so excited! and nervous..a bit anxious..but mostly energized to take a step forward! i hope it turns out to be a big one and turns into something great. whatever comes of it though, i know i will learn so much from this experience :)

im feeling very inspired lately and cant wait to dig into my beads and wire tomorrow morning! i may need to have a peak through my favourite shops tonight though and maybe place a cheeky order or two ;)

i can never have enough beads!!!!

keep your eyes here i hope to post my new creations within the next few days!

Alia xo

p.s. if you like my crochet and want something made, hats to blankets to home accessories, etc please ask. as long as i can figure it out or find a pattern, im up for making it!


2 thoughts on “missing jewellery…

    1. thank you Mary :) didnt get creating today…was organizing and looking over what i have. taking mental stock. i know you know how that is on a massive level! xo

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