a trial in the works.

now that the Art Bomb Project is over, I can finally give my time back to my jewellery making/selling. well, ive a couple of crochet custom orders to finish up but other than those, im all about jewellery!


I spoke with the local farmers market which runs every Friday 8am-2pm i believe and theyve agreed to let me run 4 weekends for a trial to see if theres any business for craft.  i believe theyre allowed to be a certain percentage of nonfood traders but theyve yet to have a consistent nonfood stall in their midst.

im hoping that one could be me :)

heres where i start getting nervous. ive never had a stall at a market before. my first and only experience has been this art bomb project but we were giving items away for free.

i know i need to purchase a table and an umbrella of some sort but i cant afford some 3mx3m gazebo type thing or one of those 6ft folding tables. ive seen a nice camping table with a hole in the middle for an umbrella so im thinking ill go with that. then theres sorting out how to display the jewellery. how many pieces minimum should i have? should i display them by price, by style or colour?  then theres the question of do i sell my crocheted items as well? or is that too much? but i want to give myself a good chance at success.

then more questions pop up…what about when nature calls? do i close up and find a loo or does one of the other stall holders look out for my stall for a few?

if anyones done  a stall could you please give me your best piece of advice :) i have four days to try and make this thing a success and i really want it :) real bad!

i appreciate it. thank you in advance xo



4 thoughts on “a trial in the works.

  1. Oh Alia the excitement ! Now you need to just give yourself a break and look at the first day as a trial so to speak. After the first day you will know exactly what you will need and then every week you will learn a little bit more. I dont see the problem with having your crochet items too ? As you say you want to give yourself the best chance. My biggest piece of advice is just to be VERY approachable but at the same time not overpowering. This is something you will learn! Keep your display simple until you work out your own ‘look’ … I really think you need to just soak up the ideas on your first day …get a feel for the ‘space’ and the type of customer you will be getting …. you will be fine ! And remember …. ENJOY it !!!! Dying to hear how you get on :)


    1. thank you, Mary :) thats just what i needed! im hoping my years in retail will help me. ive learned not to jump down customers throats so to speak. i always try and be the sales person id want to deal with. inutitive, friendly, minimal.

      im so nervous but so excited! im going to finish these custom crochet pieces than make some more pieces before i set up my dates in the market. im aiming or end of july/august.

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