to post for free or to charge a fee.

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this isnt a grand post or anything.

ive just been thinking lately about postage fees for my jewellery because i seem to run into a lot of inconsistencies when i go to the post office regarding postage fees.

a friend of mine sent me a bracelet she wished to have restrung and when the package arrived it cost just over a euro for her to post. after id restrung the bracelet, i packaged it back up in the original package and went to the post office. the woman picked up the package, looked at the destination address and didnt even bother to weigh it.  she charged me 70 cent! im not whinging about the cost. it costs what it costs…but to have the exact same package cost 40 cents less to resend the same distance? this wasnt my first time being charged different fees.

sometimes ill send a pair of earrings to north america and im only charged 90 cents, other times over 3 euro. so i list my postage fees as 3 euro and refund the difference but i feel this makes me seem inconsistent even though i am refunding any postage fees with a difference of atleast a euro.

i wonder am i just better to suck up the cost and make everything free post? im already offering freepost within Ireland.

ive asked the people at my post office why im being charged different fees but none of them have answers..they each say something different and i think they all hate me now. ive even gone so far as to call an post and they are completely useless. they told me to go to the main postoffice in town and have them weigh and measure my parcels there as theyd do it properly. well, shouldnt all of your outlets be in sync? i mean, you are all together. youre not separate businesses. useless.

i know everyone has a gripe about the post office. i just needed to let it out. my husband is tired of hearing me bitch about them :)

i know…such a major issue.

major or not, it weighs on my mind.



2 thoughts on “to post for free or to charge a fee.

  1. im feeling your frustration … it is crazy. In fact I have written a blog about this for next week too !!!!! are we in some thought sharing space in cyberland ?????? LOLS
    had a major rant in post office this week …. same item, same weight but the only thing that differs is the cost to post it …..every day it is different …. :(

    1. we must be intuned to each other, Mary!

      i feel your pain. ive had far too many arguments in the post office. i keep saying, im not looking for the cheapest way i just want a consistent charge for the same damn package! grrrrr. demented is right.

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