up Canada way…


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courtesy of cbc.ca

I chose this photo of a Canadian flag because its Pride weekend too!

what a great day. of course i love my new home in Ireland…and ive always felt at home here and loved it as much as i love Canada but home will always be Canada.

i dont celebrate it officially, i just like to sip a cuppa and look at pictures today. maybe watch a few celebrations on youtube. mostly, im just proud to say i come from such an amazing country with tolerance, acceptance and peace. it has its problems but i feel Canada has come into its own in the last ten years. no longer living in the shadows of the USA.  its a place people are flocking to in huge numbers. i keep hearing another person is off to Canada. they couldnt be going to a better place!

for me, for now, im happy where i am in Ireland. surrounded by lovely people even if theyre not Canadian ;)


with love from Ireland,





9 thoughts on “up Canada way…

      1. haha…you’d look like a dork doing that in a group, too ;) im sure theres some awesomely American Bar you can find that will be full of eager Yanks and those obsessed with Americana to help celebrate and ease any homesickness you may feel that day. id wager theres even a facebook page for Americans in Sweden you could scope out for such a do.
        if you really miss the pomp and circumstance of it :)

    1. p.s. thank you :) i just took a quick look at your blog…hows life in Sweden? i shared a flat with a Swedish girl in Dublin years ago. she was tall, blonde and beautiful. not at all your stereotypical Swedish woman. i hated going out with her but she insisted on being a great friend and loads of fun.
      i think id like it there…one day i will travel to the land of sweet meatballs.

      1. Stockholm is an incredibly beautiful place so I definitely recommend visiting. Haven’t really settled in enough to know much beyond that… I’ll keep you posted!

      2. excellent :) i read a few of your earlier posts. well done, you! i moved to Ireland for love :) internet love. we did meet before i moved here but only for four weeks, so same as you just a month before we decided to be together. i had a year work visa to stay here so we decided to get married sooner than later and here I am almost 6 years after moving about to celebrate our 5th year of marriage!
        i admire people that follow their hearts :) not many do anymore.

    1. thank you, Mary.
      ive been here too long to be too homesick :) i love my new home and life in Ireland. Im just lucky enough to call the two greatest countries in the world, home :)
      you definitely need to get to Canada some time. its a beautiful place.

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