crochet today

its been a few days since I was last here…Ill try not to leave you alone for too long :)

Ive been busy with my other craft, crochet. (The Handy Hooker) im not sure why I havent yet mixed my two crafts. I know many have.  I will in time but for now, Im busy crocheting a lovely table runner on commission for a woman in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

crochet, granny square, willow square, table runner, handmade, commission, cotton yarn,

its made up of 48 of these 10cmx10cm squares. each square takes me around 30-40 minutes to crochet. its a long process but well worth it.

so thats whats been keeping me away from jewellery making this week. plus, im working on a community art project with a friend of mine, Art Bomb Project.

this is happening during the Ennis Street Festival, which runs annually and is in its 8th year! its a celebration of the community and has life-size puppet shows, acrobats, art trails, art&craft market, buskers of all kinds and more!

our project sees local and international artists/crafters donating pieces of their work to us and we set out paper ‘bombs’ around the town centre letting people know they are welcome to our tent to collect a piece of free art or craft. we hope to connect the art and craft community with the larger community a bit more.

this is our second year running and this year we have collected more than 30 pieces of donated work from as far as California! its already a success in my eyes and I cant wait for July 5-7 to share it with the festival goers.

if  I remember to charge and bring my camera ill share the photos with you :) its gonna be a great weekend out.

oh! i have some great news. hopefully come mid/end July , Terramor will be found locally in our weekly farmer’s market on Friday and Saturday mornings…unsure of exact times but ill have all the details after the art bomb project. ive never done a fair/market stall before so if you have any tips please share. i still have to source an umbrella/tent and a portable table. im thinking small for now until i know i can sell  well. i will be the only nonfood stall in this market so i hope the customers will like what i have to offer. i think ill do a combination of crochet items with my jewellery as ive loads of rugs, face scrubbies and hats to sell.

hope this finds you well :) im off to crochet more squares!

~Alia xo


6 thoughts on “crochet today

    1. thank you! me too :) ive made a few things with this colour combination including a baby blanket and a dress for a toddler. it lends well to anything.

  1. Hi Alia :) Love the colours and love the idea of combining jewellery making with crochet … can you imagine a minute version of these little squares hanging from an ear hook ??? Oh yes !! bring it on ….. :)

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