how much are those earrings?

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im cheating with this one and linking you to other people’s posts today. they say it better than i ever could.





this is something most craft businesses forget to take into consideration especially handmade jewelers and it bothers me.  its tough enough to get sales and build relationships with customers only to find some other handcrafter is undermining the entire marketplace by underpricing their own pieces.  im begging you to stop it!

stop pricing pieces at €2 and €3 euro. there is no possible way for a handcrafted piece of jewellery to retail for that much unless youre not paying yourself a fair wage or youre selling everything at or just below wholesale and using extremely cheap materials.

anyway…please take the 5 minutes to read these posts and digest them.

These are important for crafters and customers to read.  please share them!

thank you :)




2 thoughts on “how much are those earrings?

    1. youre doing yourself a disservice Mary :) all of your talent and hardwork nevermind the hours we spend thinking up designs or all the trials and errors we make when designing. sometimes i think we could easily charge ten times what we do just to get a truly fair wage. but this is part of the sacrifice for making handmade and being our own boss.
      but i think, unlike you, some people just price their items far too low just to make a sale.

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