a gift

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i just finished this necklace for a woman who gave me carte blanche to do as i pleased. she had a basic idea of earthy colours, but other than that i was free to do as i please..and i did.

making a custom piece can sometimes be intimidating. so having a lot of guidance can be very helpful. the style, colours, length, etc. other times, if youre in a creative mood, the less limitations the better! i think i was definitely in a creative zone when making, today.

at first i wasnt so sure, to be honest this is the third necklace ive made. ive no background in this. ive never looked at a colourwheel. ive never even taken a beading class. and i have lived my life having only purchased maybe 5 fashion magazines.  but i think its really beautiful. i like how different it is. i love the textures…all of the shapes. i know the recipient of this piece is going to adore it.

im still amazed at the pieces i can make with a few beads and some wire.
this was a fun project and i cant wait for more….

~Alia xo



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