the first one.

handmade wire work bead earrings blue purple silver made in ireland ethical

Here it is!

My second attempt at a site for this jewellery business of mine and my first official post on this site (:

i hope you like what I’ve done here.

i really hope you’ll join me on this journey of jewellery, blogging and most important, learning (:

Heres my hope for this blog…

  • a place where we can share our love of handmade jewellery
  • a place to share ideas
  • a place to learn about making jewellery, all types!
  • a place for me to promote my own jewellery
  • and more!

how does that sound?

i’m only still learning my way around WordPress and how to set all of this up so if you notice anything wrong or have any good tips please let me know either through the comments or the contact form found on the about page.

I’m definitely open to positive, helpful criticism.

Thanks for coming by.

~Alia xo


2 thoughts on “the first one.

  1. welcome to the blogosphere ! I know what its like cos Im with ya girl ! trying to get my blog off to a start too ! Best of luck Alia I will be watching your space :)

    1. Thanks Mary :) I’ve had a personal blog for a little while but thought it was time to make a strictly jewellery one. Its nice to have the separation. Thank you for the support. It means a lot. Youre doing so well. I can only hope to be as organized and successful as you!

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